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幻想乡 ({{Ruby-ja|幻想郷|げんそうきょう}},意思为''幻想的大地''或''乐园的大地''),是作为[[东方系列]]故事上演舞台的虚构地点。此处的文化风俗类似于封建时代的日本,并搀杂了许多日本民间传说的元素。
{{nihongo|''' 幻想乡'''|幻想郷|げんそうきょう|||Gensoukyou}},意思为''幻想的大地''或''乐园的大地''),是作为[[东方系列]]故事上演舞台的虚构地点。此处的文化风俗类似于封建时代的日本,并搀杂了许多日本民间传说的元素。
 幻想乡原本是日本一个人烟稀少、有[[妖怪]]出没的区域,许多[[人类|勇士]]为了驱除、消灭妖怪而来到幻想乡。人类与妖怪间断断续续的战斗持续到公元1884年。那年,[[博丽大结界]]建立,把幻想乡从逐渐科学化、怀疑精神存在的现代社会隔离开来;从那时开始,幻想乡就与现实世界几无接触了。目前唯一为人所知 可沟通幻想乡与现实世界的门户,就是孤零零的座落在极东深山中、结界边境处的[[博丽神社]]。
 幻想乡的住民以妖怪为主,但人类与其他动物也同样生活其中。有许多住民原本在外界无处容身─如同在 科学文明发达的 外界,自然的黑暗已不复存在一样─,使他们出于逃亡、躲藏或寻找庇护的目的进入幻想乡。
{{TransH}}Gensokyo, the area encompassed by the Hakurei Border, is a landlocked territory at least some tens of kilometers in diameter, although its exact size has not been mentioned in [[canon]] materials. Notable geographic features include the [[Youkai Mountain]] with communities of [[kappa]] at its base, [[tengu]] at its peak, and the [[Moriya Shrine]] near a lake at the top; the [[Forest of Magic]]; the Bamboo Forest of the Lost where [[Eientei]] is located; the lake surrounding the [[Scarlet Devil Mansion]]; the [[Human Village]], which is assumed to be in a fertile valley; and the [[Sanzu River]] separating Gensokyo from [[Higan]].
  幻想乡是个被博丽大结界围绕,方圆至少有数十公里以上的陆封区域。不过,在[[ 官方]] 资料中并没有提及幻想乡的具体大小。幻想乡着名的地理特色包括:山脚居住着[[ 河童]] 、峰顶居住着[[ 天狗]] 、在近顶端的湖泊旁坐落着[[ 守矢神社]] 的妖怪之山;[[ 魔法森林]] [[ 永远亭]] 所在的迷踪竹林;被湖围绕的[[ 红魔馆]] ;一般认为位于一丰饶谷地内的[[ 人里]] ;以及分离[[ 彼岸]] 与幻想乡的[[ 三途川]]
Although passing through the Hakurei Border to the outside world is virtually impossible for anyone besides [[Yukari Yakumo]], it is significantly easier for Gensokyo denizens to access domains of gods, demons, and dead souls which are not strictly part of Gensokyo itself.  These include Higan, the [[Netherworld]], [[Makai]], the Celestial realm seen in [[Scarlet Weather Rhapsody]], and the underground abandoned Hell where [[Subterranean Animism]] is set.
虽然对幻想乡住民来说,穿过博丽大结界到达外界几乎是不可能的([[ 八云紫]] 为例外),不过对他们而言,往来于某些严格来说不是幻想乡一部份的区域,如神、恶魔、幽灵的领域,却相当简单。具体而言,这些区域包括彼岸、[[ 冥界]] [[ 魔界]] 、天界(见[[ 东方绯想天]] )、地狱遗址(见[[ 东方地灵殿]] )。
[[Cage in Lunatic Runagate: Chapter 4|Cage in Lunatic Runagate Chapter 4]] reveals that the Youkai Mountain preserves the original appearance of Mount Yatsugatake before Sakuya-hime, the goddess of Mount Fuji, tore it down out of jealousy. In the outside world today, the remnants of the mountain can be seen as the [[Wikipedia:Yatsugatake Mountains|Yatsugatake mountain range]] in [[Wikipedia:Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Park|Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Park]] between Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures, providing an indication of where Gensokyo would be located in Japan.  [[Wikipedia:Lake Suwa|Lake Suwa]] ( 諏訪湖, ''Suwa-ko''), which [[Suwako Moriya]] was named after, is located nearby.{{TransF}}
[[ 东方儚月抄第4章| 东方儚月抄(小说版)第四章]] 中提及,妖怪之山保留了八之岳在被木花咲耶姬(富士山神)出于嫉妒而摧毁前的原貌。对应于外界,可将“八之岳的遗迹”看作是位于长野县与山梨县间、[[Wikipedia:Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Park| 八之岳中信高原国家公园]] 内的“[[Wikipedia:Yatsugatake Mountains| 八之岳连峰]] ”。这为幻想乡在日本的位置提供了进一步提示,[http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%AB%8F%E8%A8%AA%E6%B9%96 诹访湖] ({{Ruby-ja| 諏訪湖|すわこ}}),即[[ 洩矢诹访子]] 的命名由来,就位于这附近。
{{TransH}}Translation of [http://thwiki.info/pukiwiki.php?cmd=read&page=%B8%B8%C1%DB%B6%BF%C7%AF%C9%BD a page] from the Japanese Touhou Wiki.
以下节录并翻译自日本東方Wiki[http://thwiki.info/pukiwiki.php?cmd=read&page=%B8%B8%C1%DB%B6%BF%C7%AF%C9%BD  条目]
The Gensokyo calendar dates from its sealing in 1884, and is based on the phase of the moon- due to calendar drift, it runs approximately two months earlier then ours.{{TransF}}
{{TransH}}Gensokyo uses the traditional names of the Japanese months, from the old lunar calendar. In outside Japan, these were discarded in favor of simple numbered months (ichigatsu, nigatsu, etc.) with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, but are still commonplace in poetry and historical television. For flavor, they have been literally translated in the Bohemian Archive articles.
* April - 卯月 ''uzuki'', Deutzia Month
* May - 皐月 ''satsuki'', Planting Month
* June - 水無月 ''minazuki'', Month Of Water (Note: The kanji 無 usually means 'none', but here it's used in an archaic form to show possession)
* July - 文月 ''fuzuki'', Book Month
* August - 葉月 ''hazuki'', Leaf Month
* September - 長月 ''nagatsuki'', Long-lasting Month
* October - 神無月 ''kannazuki'', Godless Month
* November - 霜月 ''shimotsuki'', Frost Month
* December - 師走 ''shiwasu'', Priest-running Month
* January - 睦月 ''mutsuki'', Affection Month
* February - 如月 or 衣更着 ''kisaragi'', More Clothes Month
* March - 弥生 ''yayoi'', Sprouting Month
New Year's in Gensokyo is on the 1st of the Deutzia Month.{{TransF}}
{{TransH}}:Distant past - Lunarian society is established
:Chinese legend - Chang'e/Jouga drinks the elixir of immortality and flies to the moon
:Kojiki - the white rabbit of Inaba is attacked by alligators it tricks and is saved by Lord Daikoku (~3000 years ago)
:Japanese legend (BCE 300 or earlier) - the Great Suwa War
::hard to date due to the difficulty of determining the start of the Japanese Iron Age
:Before ''Taketori Monogatari'' - birth of Fujiwara no Mokou (to Fujiwara no Fuhito?)
:672-707 A.D. - [[Kaguya-hime|Taketori Monogatari]], beginning of [[Imperishable Night]] backstory<br/>
::Kaguya and Eirin flee from the moon and establish Eientei
::Fujiwara no Fuhito, on whom Prince Kuramochi was modeled, lived from 659~720
:712 A.D. - Hieda no Are compiles the Kojiki<br/>e
:~1200 years ago (~800 AD?) - Hieda no Aichi, first child of Miare, begins the Gensokyo Chronicles
::Compilation began around Aichi's 18th birthday
:a bit over ~1000 years ago - Yuyuko's father passes away beneath the Saigyou Ayakashi
::the historical figure Saigyou lived from 1118 to 3/23/1190 (2/16 old calendar), and entered the priesthood in 1140
:~1000 years ago - Yuyuko dies, Saigyou Ayakashi sealed, Yuyuko given reign over Hakugyokurou
:"over 1000 years ago" - War for the Moon's Surface
:almost 1000 years ago - Aya Shameimaru settles in Gensokyo
:several hundred years after ''Taketori Monogatari'' - Tewi comes to Eientei
:1430-1476 A.D. - Vlad "Dracula" Tepes' reign
:"over 500 years ago" - Youkai Expansion Project
:~1503 A.D.- Remilia Scarlet's birth
:~1508 A.D. - Flandre Scarlet's birth
:~300 years ago - Youki Konpaku becomes Hakugyokurou's gardener
:~100 years ago - period of the 8th Child of Miare, Hieda no Aya
::During this time, humans begin becoming powerful enough to seriously challenge youkai
::Akyuu was the first Child of Miare after the border's creation, so Aya probably died before 1885
:1872-1885 A.D. - first official circulation of Japanese paper money (predates Hakurei Border)
:0 (~1885 A.D.) - creation of the Great Hakurei Border
::last time dragons were seen in Gensokyo ([[Perfect Memento: Dragons]])
::travel between Gensokyo and the human world becomes difficult
::60-year cycle year
:60 (1945 A.D.) - 60-year cycle year / conclusion of World War II
::the first time the Great Hakurei Border weakens
:84 (1969 A.D., 20 July) - first Lunar expedition, Neil Armstrong plants a flag on the moon
:84-?? - Lunar War
::Lunar capsules Apollo 11 through Apollo 17 land from 1969 to 1972
::Apollo 13 is damaged en route to the moon in 1970; only the Lunarians know the real cause
:~35 years ago - Reisen arrives in Gensokyo
::night of a full moon
::after the Lunar War began, before the 100th year of Gensokyo, about 30 years ago in Bougetsusho
:90-100 (1976-1986 A.D.) - Ghost Immigration Plan ([[Perfect Memento: Yuyuko Saigyouji]])<br/>
:~110 - [[Kourindou]] established
:~113 - Youki Konpaku retires, Youmu becomes the new gardener
:7/109 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "Presenting the Ninth Are Maiden"<br/>
:before 1998 A.D. - Vampire Incident ([[Perfect Memento: Reimu Hakurei]])
::Scarlet Devil Mansion appears in Gensokyo under auspices other than Remilia's
::Akyuu believes Remilia came to Gensokyo after this incident{{TransF}}
{{TransH}}7/1/113 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Lunasa|Sudden Location Change for Poltergeists' Live]]"<br/>
10/1/114 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Merlin|Is the Middle Prismriver Daughter Going Solo?]]"<br/>
5/4/115 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Lyrica|In Search of a New Sound]]"<br/>
8/4/115 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Rinnosuke|Mysterious Luxury Goods arrive in Kourindou]]"<br/>
8/2/116 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Rumia|Demon Lurks in Darkness, in Broad Daylight]]"<br/>
9/2/117 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Keine|The Mysterious Truth about the Secret History Association]]"
====Year 118 (2003)====
7/15/118 - '''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'''<br/>
8/4/118 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Marisa|Succeeded in Taking a Picture of Crime Scene of Midsummer's Continual Sneak Thief]]"
9/5/118 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Remilia|The Crimson Rainbow and Angel's Wings That Straddle The Earth]]"
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' old chapters 1-3<br/>
3/21/118 - '''[[Perfect Cherry Blossom]]'''<br/>
====Year 119 (2004)====
4/1/119 - '''[[Perfect Cherry Blossom]]''' Extra/Phantasm Stage<br/>
5/1/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Letty|In the Prolonged Winter, Ceremony to Ask for Spring]]"<br/>
5/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Yuyuko|Mysterious Flower Petals Beneath the Cherry Trees]]"<br/>
5/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "First Radio Broadcast in Gensokyo a Failure"<br/>
5/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "Fairy Mischief? Invisible Rainstorm is Heavy"
6/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Alice|Large Number of Straw Effigies Found In Forest Behind Shrine]]"<br/>
Rainy season - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' old chapter 4<br/>
7/-/119 - '''[[Immaterial and Missing Power]]'''<br/>
7/4/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Patchouli|Out of Season, the Great Setsubun Festival at the Scarlet Devil Manor]]"<br/>
Summer - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' old chapter 5<br/>
7/15/119 - '''[[Imperishable Night]]'''<br/>
8/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Sakuya|Strange Treasure Hunter Lopes Around the Night]]"<br/>
8/3/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Yukari|Youkai Practices Animal Abuse]]"<br/>
8/4/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Mokou|Mysterious Fire in the Bamboo Forest]]"<br/>
8/5/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Youmu|Ghost Procession on a Midsummer Afternoon]]"<br/>
8/15/119 - '''[[Imperishable Night]]''' Extra Stage<br/>
9/2/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Wriggle|The New Insects' News Service]]"<br/>
9/4/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Meiling|Mysterious Patterns in Flower Field]]"<br/>
Autumn - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 1 "Unrelated Mound of Higan Flowers"<br/>
10/2/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Chen|The Field Where the Cats Gather]]"<br/>
12/1/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Eirin|In Modern Gensokyo, a New Dream Medicine]]"<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 2 "Purple-transcending Light"<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' doujinshi version<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 3 "Imprisoned Light, Window of Snow"<br/>
1/4/119 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Tewi|Daring Monetary Offering Fraud]]"
====Year 120 (2005)====
3/4/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Flandre|Enormous Shooting Star Explodes in Mid-air]]"<br/>
Spring - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 4 "Colorless Sakura""<br/>
Spring - '''[[Eastern and Little Nature Deity]]''' chapter 0<br/>
Spring - '''[[Phantasmagoria of Flower View]]'''<br/>
4/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Reimu|Flower Viewing Continues at the Shrine]]"<br/>
4/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "Patchouli's Pressed Flower Exhibition Opening Soon"<br/>
5/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Ran|Formula Discovered for Calculating Width of the Stygian River]]"
6/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Cirno|Ice Fairy Eaten by Giant Toad]]"<br/>
Rainy season - '''[[Eastern and Little Nature Deity]]''' chapter 1<br/>
8/3/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Fairies|The Strange Reverse Rainbow in the Summer Noon]]"<br/>
Summer - '''[[Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red]]''' "Wind's Extra"<br/>
Summer - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 5 "A Nameless Stone"
10/13/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Mystia|Night Sparrow's New Promising Enterprise]]"<br/>
11/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Kaguya|Moon Capital Exhibition Now In Progress at Eientei]]"<br/>
11/2/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Reisen|Rabbit Mob Protests Shrive Festival]]"<br/>
Autumn - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 6"Unworking Shikigami"
2/1/120 - ([[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]) "[[Article and Interview: Suika|The Midwinter Moon's Great Explosion]]"<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 16 "Price of a Paper at Luoyang"<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 17 "Moon and Kappa"<br/>
Winter - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 18 "Dragon's Camera"
====Year 121 (2006)====
Gensokyo calendar dates are unknown for this year.
8/26/2006 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 19 "Miraculous Cicada"<br/>
10/26/2006 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 20 "Sake from Deity"
12/26/2006 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 21 "The Universe the Youkai Saw"<br/>
12/27/2006 - Hieda no Akyu's '''[[Perfect Memento in Strict Sense|Gensokyo Chronicle]]''' published
2/26/2007 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 22 "Moist Moon"<br/>
4/26/2007 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 23 "Rife Deity"{{TransF}}
====Year 122 (2007)====
122 - [[守矢神社]]到临幻想乡
6/26/2007 - '''[[Curiosities of Lotus Asia]]''' chapter 24 "Benefit from Shrine"<br/>
8/?/2007 - Start of '''[[Cage in Lunatic Runagate]]''', '''[[Silent Sinner in Blue]]'''
2007年8月17日 - '''[[东方风神录]]'''
夏季 - '''[[东方绯想天]]'''
冬季 - '''[[东方地灵殿]]'''
*[[东方妖妖梦: 序章]]
*[[东方妖妖梦: 序章]]
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幻想乡幻想郷 (げんそうきょう) Gensoukyou),意思为幻想的大地乐园的大地),是作为东方系列故事上演舞台的虚构地点。此处的文化风俗类似于封建时代的日本,并搀杂了许多日本民间传说的元素。






东方儚月抄(小说版)第四章中提及,妖怪之山保留了八之岳在被木花咲耶姬(富士山神)出于嫉妒而摧毁前的原貌。对应于外界,可将“八之岳的遗迹”看作是位于长野县与山梨县间、八之岳中信高原国家公园内的“八之岳连峰”。这为幻想乡在日本的位置提供了进一步提示,诹访湖諏訪湖 (すわこ) ),即洩矢诹访子的命名由来,就位于这附近。